Clinical Trials

If you have breast cancer, we encourage you to consider joining a clinical trial. Clinical trials are studies designed to test the safety and effectiveness of ways to prevent, detect or treat disease. People volunteer to join these studies. Clinical trials offer the chance to try new treatments and possibly benefit from them. Learning a new therapy is better than the standard treatment can also help others. And, as new therapies are developed, they can open doors to other drugs and procedures that may be even more effective.

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Study Title: Phase III Randomized Trial or Proton versus Photon Therapy for Patients with Non-Metastatic Breast Cancer Receiving Comprehensive Nodal Radiation

Sponsor: University of Pennsylvania/RTOG/Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)

Investigator: Lane Rosen, M.D.

Trial Type: Radiation Therapy

Indication: Breast Cancer

Purpose: To assess:

  •  the effectiveness of proton versus photon therapy in reducing major cardiovascular events,
  • the non-inferiority of proton versus photon therapy in reducing ipsilateral breast cancer local-regional recurrence and in reducing any recurrence
  • the effectiveness of proton versus photon therapy in improving patient-reported body image & function, fatigue, and other measures of health-related quality of life (HRQOL)


  • Females or males diagnosed with invasive mammary carcinoma (ductal, lobular, or other) of the breast who have undergone either mastectomy or lumpectomy with any type of axillary surgery or axillary sampling
  • Patients who have undergone any type of reconstruction are allowed
  • Bilateral breast cancer is permitted
  • Patients proceeding with breast/chest wall & nodal radiation therapy including internal mammary node treatment
  • Age ≥ 21 years

Began Recruitment: January 2016

IRB Number: 16.0001

Contact Information:
Willis-Knighton Cancer Center
(318) 212-8671 or (318) 212-8952