Community Grant Impact Stories

Below are a few of the stories we’ve received, telling us about the impact our grants have made:

MLK Health Center:

Through our partnership in the Pink Ribbon Pop Up’s we were able to reach a 45 year old uninsured woman whom had never had a mammogram. She is from a small rural town with limited access to healthcare. She noticed a change in her breast tissue that worried her and she was afraid. She contacted our office for help. We found out she did not have the resources to travel to Shreveport to see a healthcare provider and she had no one to accompany her, which was stressful, because she did not want to be alone. She was happy to hear there was a Pink Ribbon Pop Up scheduled nearby and we could arrange for her mammogram closer to her home. Her screening came back abnormal and we assisted her in arranging a follow-up diagnostic mammogram. Luckily the diagnostic mammogram was normal which reduced her stress and brought her much needed relief. Had it not been for the easy access of the pop up location near her home, this client may have never received screening services in a timely manner.


This particular patient had lost her insurance and had been looking everywhere to get a free screening mammogram. She found PIW and we were able to give her a free screening by using Komen funds. She was grateful and went to tell others about us that were putting off receiving their mammograms due to financial burdens. She was able to get 5 more people in for screenings that would not have received their screenings without the testimony of this one patient. She is now a voice in the community for our program and to spread the news about Komen and what they do.


This story is not about a woman but a group of women. Grace House is a local shelter for women in need of housing. The majority of them have some form of mental illness, making it difficult to obtain and sustain housing. It also makes them extremely vulnerable. In September St. Luke’s held a breast health clinic at the Grace House, where a doctor volunteered to do clinical breast exams (CBE) and assessments for referrals for mammograms. Fifteen CBE’s were preformed, and 11 women identified as needing annual mammograms. Of these three had never had a mammogram and 2 had not had an exam in over 5 years. These women face barriers to obtaining and sustaining preventive health care. Access, financial challenges and case management are obstacles that St. Luke’s assist in overcoming through the work and support of Susan G. Komen North Louisiana.


We had an individual that contacted us about the free mammograms. She had a strong family history of breast cancer and her new insurance did not cover a mammogram. She was thrilled to be able to receive a voucher. We feel that this is a success of the program because we are offering a service and peace of mind to these ladies that may not have been able to get one otherwise.


One of our staff was recently asked if she would like to have a mammogram done when the RV from Partner’s in Wellness was next scheduled. She said that she would, but knew that she didn’t have anything to worry about since she worked as an oncologist for over 20 years and examined herself routinely. She realized on the day of her appointment however that there was a difference between the results of what she discovered through breast self-awareness and the 3D technology that is used by Partner’s in Wellness. A 3mm mass was discovered during her examination that was thankfully further examined and was found to be benign. Our staff member said that she will continue to be aware of any changes in her breasts, but will now also schedule a professional examination on a routine basis.



A member of our community found herself uninsured due to her husband’s loss of employment. At this same time, she experienced the terrible tragedy of finding a lump in her breast. Frantically, she wondered how she could even afford to receive a mammogram with no health insurance & no income. Thanks to our Susan G. Komen project, she was able to receive a mammogram which ultimately saved her life. The results indicated an early stage tumor, but was luckily caught early enough that she is still alive today. She is forever thankful to the Susan G. Komen project for providing her with an opportunity for a no-cost mammogram when she needed it most.


My name is “Gloria” and I heard about the Susan G Komen Grant through Union General Hospital at the Dia de la Familia Health Fair. Union General Hospital had a booth there and was promoting the program. I have no insurance and a limited income. I was worried about my breast health and I didn’t know what to do due to the lack of resources to pay for one. I am 42 years old and I am aware of the risk. The lady that handed me the brochure and the flyer took her time to go over the information. The first thing I did the next day was to call for an appointment and I had my mammogram, thanks to Susan G. Komen.

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